Anglesey Hawking

Join us and experience walking with hawks, through the beautiful welsh countryside on the isle of Anglesey where we have access to over 1200 acres of land and country estate. Our walks take you through rolling countryside and woodland of Anglesey, where every day there is something new to see.

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Anglesey Hawking
Isle of Anglesey
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Anglesey Hawking Anglesey 02 We now offer a 1 hr hawk walk experience around the beautiful grounds of Tre ysgawen hall on Anglesey where you you can enjoy the beautiful gardens and grounds of the hotel and spar, you can then if you wish finish your walk off with lunch in the clock tower restaurant.

Alternatively, you may join us at Rhosgoch for a hawk walk and see various birds of pray followed by tea and homemade cakes at our cabin.

Anglesey Hawking Anglesey 03 The hawk walk takes approx 1 hour were you will be introduced to the hawks and shown how to handle them we will then go of into the woods were the hawk will fly free and you will become the falconer and call the bird back to your glove.

Anglesey Hawking Anglesey 04 Family days also available this is a 3 hour experience were you will be introduced to various birds of prey hawks, European eagle owls,barn owl, tawny owls, etc. Price £120 including refreshments. for family of four.

Anglesey Hawking Anglesey 05 SPECIAL OCCASIONS for anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, etc. This includes an early evening hawk walk then back to our cabin for a glass of wine and refreshments round the camp fire. £85 per couple

Anglesey Hawking Anglesey 06 Hunting Days
- Hunting days over ferrets and dogs for rabbit and game ( October - February)
- Pheasant hunting with hawks
- Bespoke hunting trips for Falconers and Austringers, your own birds and dogs more than welcome
Our hunting days provide you with a different experience to the walks and provides you with either a half or full day experiencing Hawks in their natural environment.

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