Naturebites Private Tours

Naturebites Private Tours focus on finding the most interesting on Anglesey – and they also take great pride in supporting wildlife conservations.

Every tour has a specialist subject, and with Naturebites, birdlife is their key expertise. So if you’re a bird fan looking for an introduction to our two-legged friends on Anglesey, this tour provider is ideal for you. You can also see some magnificent plants and mammals along the way, too.

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Naturebites Private Tours
Isle of Anglesey

Naturebites Anglesey 02 You can join us any month of year for a Naturebites bird race! This tour is a race to see as many birds as we can over a six hour period. We will visit many different habitats all over island in order to tally up the best total we can.

Naturebites Anglesey 03 The species of bird will vary throughout the seasons and no two days will be the same. This tour will be perfect for birders wishing to add to their year list.

Naturebites Anglesey 04 Or the Slower Pace… We recognise that watching wildlife isn’t all about dashing around and ticking species off a list; we like nothing better than to observe behaviour and absorb the environment we’re in. Join us for a half or whole day tour where we’ll teach you observation skills and bush craft so that you can make the most of your time spent outdoors.

Naturebites Anglesey 01 Don’t imagine that we won’t see lots of species, we can easily see 70 bird species on a half day tour without rushing. We’ll explore Anglesey’s wildlife hotspots and the quieter corners too. These tours are the ideal opportunity to look out for some of our more elusive inhabitants such as the red squirrel, common lizard and dolphins out to sea.

Naturebites Anglesey 02 We are pleased to cater for your mobility needs, so please let us know if you have any special requirements and we’ll include that in our specially tailored plan.

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